6 Ways To Do What You Love!

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Saturday, 13th October 2018

Blue Water Convention Centre

Port Huron, Michigan USA


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A Worthy Ideal, Trample the Terror Barrier, A Multitude of Habits



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Non-Productive & Productive Activities, -Results+, Illogical Improvements

Lorrie A. MacGilvray

Co-Founder & Chairman, ReModel International

For more than two decades, Global Innovation Award Winning, Mentor, Consultant, and Author, Lorrie A. MacGilvray has shown results again and again, helping multi-million and billion dollar global corporations. 

Lorrie´s real passion and even greater joy has come while working with and helping individuals just getting started in business, as well as small businesses wanting to grow. Watching their amazing transformations & personal growth is what she lives to do..every single day.

Prior to joining ReModel International in 2001, Lorrie worked in the USA for Wells Fargo, the original stagecoach company of the Western Frontier specialising in multi-site operations and people. Much of that making-the-future drive can be seen in her approach to business today where she helps identify opportunities and challenges which others might not recognise or find too daunting and transforms that into positive results.

Today splitting her time between home in Canary Islands-Spain & Michigan-USA, Lorrie specialises in personal, professional & business development/coaching, with particular skill in forming and motivating “dynamic” teams, change and helping individuals in companies make fully “quantified” decisions to remain highly competitive in their industry.

Lorrie studied directly with Bob Proctor (movie “The Secret”) & Sandy Gallagher creator of “Thinking Into Results” program and holds certification to teach it internationally.

Lorrie is co-author of Book Bridge of Faith for Manufacturing Operations 

Also, her story is part of new book in 2018 called 15 Stories One Bob written by International Best Selling Author, Inbal Hillel.

Maria Webb

Maria Webb

Founder, Maria´s Web

Maria’s vision is making connections that create communities of learning, growth and achievement.

Using a combination of coaching, consulting and networking she models resilience, continuous learning and determination.

Over the last 25 years Maria has invested in communities as a logistics and medical office manager, a college instructor, a Real Estate Broker and a life long learner. 

Teaching and mentoring is Maria's passion.

Maria uses coaching and consulting to weave a resilient relationship where our clients are empowered with the resources they seek to connect, grow and achieve.

Before I met Lorrie I was stuck doing things I didn´t even enjoy! As a mentor, she taught me "Thinking Into Results" in ways I did not know was possible. She is very calm and patient. The program is AMAZING! I highly recommend Lorrie and her program, my life has been a complete turn around since I did it!!! Thank you Lorrie, your help and wisdom has been major to my life.



Stopped 4 different Global Manufacturing Facilities from closing that would have created Massive hole in surrounding economy.

  • 1 Doubled Size
  • 1 Built Larger New Facility
  • 2 In Growth

Global Innovation Award presented by..

Bristol Myers Squibb

What I really loved about working with Lorrie is that the process worked with my Black & White mind. The daily program was something I could work with, it was actionable. And over time, I realized that by doing the activities faithfully my outlook began to change. Working with Lorrie turned out to be my most successful in business thus far!



Time and circumstance had eroded my ability to dream and trust in the notion that I was in control of my life. TIR rekindled my faith in the fact that anything is possible. As 50 approaches, the future is bright, exciting and filled with possibilities of a dreamer once again! Thanks for the wake-up call Lorrie!



30% More Output Overnight = 15 Million Business Increase YoY

A Johnson & Johnson Company U.K.

INCREDIBLE pure GOLD coaches...

Find the way to be in contact with them!

They will lift you, your business and life 1000 steps forward.

LOVE you so much, and gratful for taking the biggest part of this book success. THANK you!

Inbal Hillel

Book: 15 Stories One Bob

International & Amazon Best Selling Author

I did not know where to start and how to get into the community I lived in. I met Maria and there was no turning back.

Her maturity and strength of character has always encouraged me to bounce off ideas and most important be myself with my strengths and let go of self-created bottle-necks.

Her go getting attitude is contagious!


You came in, said what you were going to do and how long it was going to take you to do it. I was not sure to believe you. You not only did "exactly" what you said, in the amount of time you said you would do it in, you took us to the "Superbowl". You not only took us to the Superbowl, we WON it!

I have never worked with anyone else who has done "exactly" what they said they were going to do and "more" as you have.

Scott, Vice President

Customer Svc. Call Centre

Your Insights & Knowledge continue to be crutical to our business and future direction.

Global Medical Device Company USA

Maria is a very special individual and I am so grateful that our lives crossed.

She is my role model. If you have an opportunity to meet her, don´t let her go. She will give you so much and she will change your life. I know she has changed mine!

I love you Maria!

Val xo

There is no finish line in personal improvement...


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15 STORIES ONE BOB by International & Amazon Best Selling Author Inbal Hillel.

Lorrie is One of 15 Stories featured.

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